System Conditions
Electricity demand in the province of Aceh province  mostly supplied by the Center for Management and Distribution of  Load (P3B) Sumatra through 150 kV transmission network in Northern Sumatra Interconnection System (Sumbagut). Besides, some areas in Aceh is still in small systems such as System of Sabang, Meulaboh, Blangpidie, Tapaktuan, Sinabang, Takengon, Blangkejeren, Kutacane and Subulussalam.
Of the 10 systems that supply electric power in Aceh province, two systems (System Blangpidie and Tapaktuan) are in “Standby” condition and 8 other systems (System of Sumbagut, Sabang, Meoulaboh, Sinabang, Takengon, Blangkejeren, Kutacane, and Subulussalam) in “deficit” condition.
Currently electrification ratio of Aceh Province reached 76.98% and the ratio of electrified villages of 87.17%. Whereas the waiting list of PLN has reached 7.649 request or for 19.3 MVA.

Balance of Power
Province of Aceh, North Sumatra, West Sumatra, Riau, Riau Islands, Bengkulu, Jambi, South Sumatra and Lampung electrical systems have been well interconnected on the 150 kV electric power transmission lines, known by the name of Sumatra System. Thus, the balance of power throughout the province represented by the balance of power of Sumatra system, where in 2010 the capacity of the system can not meet peak loads that exist so that experiencing a deficit of 460 MW. As for the following years the condition of Sumatra System is in good condition.

Additional Electricity Infrastructure Plan
Assumption of population growth in Aceh Province is estimated to average 1.0% per year while economic growth for the same period is projected at 5.1% per year, so with this assumption the electrical energy demand is forecasted to grow by an average of 9% per year.
In an effort to meet the needs of electric power in Aceh Province, it has been planned for additional electricity infrastructure from the year 2010-2014 as follows:

  • Power plants of 409 MW (approximately 31 MW expected to be operational in 2010)
  • Transmission of electricity 1329 kms
  • 420 MVA substation
  • new & renewable energy program (EBT) and network:o    PLTS 50 WP is spread as much as 30 100 units
    o    Centralized PLTS 15 kW for 4 units
    o    PLTMH 710 kW
    o    PLT wind 320 kW
    o    The 1125 distribution substation units (58 000 kVA)
    o    Medium Voltage Network 3120 kms
    o    Low Voltage Network 3200 kms
    o    PLTD 9 units (2250 kW).

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