The United States Engages with Indonesia to Advance Cooperation on Geothermal Energy

On August 6th, the United States and Indonesia conducted a workshop with regulatory, financial, and technical experts, as well as high-level government officials, to advance geothermal development in Indonesia. The United States and Indonesia agree to increase collaborations and explore opportunities over the coming weeks and months to accelerate private investment in geothermal energy. The workshop included discussions of international best practices for geothermal energy development and exploration of opportunities to streamline current policies, rules, and regulations, while also preserving the integrity of local concerns to protect the environment. Experts also explored world-class approaches to reduce risks associated with geothermal development, to increase the efficiency of government processes and to create the financial certainty necessary to increase overall levels of geothermal energy investment.

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Posted August 8, 2015 by repit in News

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