Bandung to use biodigester in waste-based power plant

The Bandung municipal administration in West Java is planning to use biodigestion technology in its planned waste-based power plant (PLTSa) as an effort to introduce eco-friendly waste management to the city. The technology will replace the use of an incinerator proposed earlier by the previous administration.

“The PLTSa has caused controversy because of its equipment. Now, there is new equipment, called a biodigester, that can be an [alternative] for an incinerator,” Bandung Mayor Ridwan Kamil said recently.

Ridwan, known as an architect with a prominent international reputation prior to starting his political career, argues that the use of biodigester has a smaller environmental impact given that, unlike an incinerator, it doesn’t involve any burning,

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Posted August 6, 2015 by repit in News

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