Impiro invests in solar market growth in Indonesia

Impiro, a full-service investment firm, today announced a major investment into PT Contained Energy Indonesia,a company involved in various areas of renewable energy in Indonesia and Pacific Islands.

Contained Energy delivers premier quality energy solutions, from design and system selection, to installation and maintenance, and even financial assistance. The company is a market-leader in the fast-growing markets for cost-saving, secure, alternative and eco-friendly energy solutions, providing a diverse range of energy systems that can be custom-designed to fit the client’s needs, whether for a private villa, business or entire community.

Energy is a basic building block for prosperity and development, and clean energy is a must for developing countries in South East Asia. Many of these markets are maturing quickly and market conditions for solar are improving by the month, opening opportunities for solar companies that have long been competing with subsidized (state-owned) electricity rates and have mostly been restricted to off-grid markets.

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Posted November 21, 2014 by repit in News

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