Feasible Solution to Indonesia’s Rural Electrification Problem

The access of electricity is undoubtedly very importantly for the lives of communities. As a country with its 17,000 islands sprawled out, Indonesia has many of its areas not getting electricity. As a result, the locals miss out on economic opportunities and the children are out of school.

The government has implemented rural electrification programs in the past, but has not achieved the target — the poor — due to its inefficiencies and massive corruption within the system.

The government has also attempted to bring private companies on board to work together to electrify the rural areas, yet the outcome is still sluggish. Many government-private projects did not work out. Or if it does work properly, it still does not touch the poor as its main target. In business, as the private companies would argue, involving the poor is risky and threatens the expected profit.

To overcome this problem, a number of non-government organizations (NGOs) come up with a new method of mutual partnership, called the Pro-Poor Public Private Partnership (5P)

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Posted November 5, 2013 by repit in News

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