In A Remote Corner Of Indonesia, A Model Of Clean Energy Use

WAINGAPU — In a remote western village on the Indonesian island of Sumba, 37-year-old Rambu Cinta sits on the porch of her thatched roof house chewing beetle nut.

For most of her life she has lived without electricity. “Before at night we didn’t have anything to do. So after we had eaten dinner we just went to sleep,” she says with a laugh.

Now her family is one of 100 households that are getting electricity from a nearby micro-hydro power plant.

Umbu Hanggar says it has changed the home economics for his family, and extended family. “With electricity, the women can weave floor mats at night and we can get extra income from that,” he said. “And the children can now study and read books very well at night.”

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Posted October 23, 2013 by repit in News

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