Solar Energy Can Cut Down Electricity Costs

JAKARTA, 29 Agustus 2013 (ANTARA) – “Solar energy can cut down electricity costs in Indonesia’s remote areas,” claims Andre Susanto of PT Intertel Media Prima. His company sells telecommunications equipment, but also specialises in solar energy, as many areas of Indonesia are not connected to national energy utility PLN’s power grid. Less than 70 percent of the country is covered, with the areas east of Bali being particularly badly connected.

“In those places, people still use a lot of diesel generators. But it’s expensive and difficult to get the diesel to these islands. One litre of diesel costs at least 1 US dollar, which means that a kilowatt hour of electricity can cost more than 25 cents. We can already supply solar energy to customers at that same price, or even less,” states Susanto. “A lot of customers are generally scared off by the initial investment. But we rent out the installations, instead of just selling them. We ask the customer what they are now paying for electricity and make a solid financial plan to cut those costs down by switching to solar energy.”

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