Indonesian push for geothermal energy faces bureaucratic hurdles – officials

JAKARTA, Indonesia (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – In a country heavily dependent on coal and other fossil fuels for energy, accessing new clean geothermal power could both curb climate-changing emissions and provide much-needed new energy.

But officials say an effort to transform Indonesia’s energy generation, by providing access to international loans to develop the country’s rich geothermal potential, has potential but is running up against bureaucratic barriers that could slow progress toward reducing greenhouse gas emissions and creating additional power.

To support the development of geothermal power, the country is accessing $315 million in loans, at lower than usual interest rates, through the Clean Technology Fund (CTF), part of the Climate Investment Funds, a $7.6 billion international financing mechanism to support low-carbon development and adaptation to climate change in developing countries.

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Posted July 26, 2013 by repit in News

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