Indonesia Seeks Big Jump in Output of Renewable Energy

SINGAPORE—Renewable sources will provide Indonesia with as much as 25% of its electricity by 2025, up from around 7% today, Djadjang Sukarna, the secretary of the nation’s renewable energy directorate, said Monday.

The country plans by 2025 to have increased annual electricity generation from renewable sources to around 99 million tons of oil equivalent from around 10 million tons of oil equivalent today, Dr. Sukarna told Dow Jones Newswires. By then its energy mix will be 74% fossil fuels and 26% renewable–geothermal and biofuels providing 8% each, 3% hydroelectric, 2.4% biomass, 1.1% solar and the rest from other sources, Dr. Sukarna said.

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Posted October 30, 2012 by repit in News

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