Panax Geothermal reviewing term sheets on financing for Indonesian geothermal projects

Panax Geothermal (ASX: PAX) is reviewing draft term sheets for financing its Indonesian geothermal projects, which are close to having their Power Purchase Agreements finalised.

The draft term sheets have been provided by a number of groups with Panax identifying a number potential funding partners that it considered would most likely complete a funding deal. These include:

– A syndicated group of Singapore based investment funds that are part of a group with prior investment experience in Asia Pacific geothermal projects and capable of providing the required equity capital;
– A European based investment fund with substantial investment in renewable energy projects in Europe and Asia that can provide the majority of the required equity capital; and
– A Chinese conglomerate that can provide the required equity and project finance requirements as well as substantial technical and development experience.

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Posted September 28, 2012 by repit in News

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