North Sumatera Electrical System Adds 383 MW

Source : Media Bisnis Online

14 September 2012

Unofficially translated by Repit Suliyono


Indonesia State Electricity Company (PLN) presented that by the end of 2012, the electrical system of Northern Sumatra (Sumbagut) will receive an additional 383 megawatts (MW). Additional power comes from the rental and operation of new power plants. It was delivered by the General Manager of PT PLN Power Generation of Sumbagut Chris Leo Mangala, Thursday (13/9), as reported by Business Media Online.


“With the additional power, it is expected to meet the electricity needs of Sumbagut, particularly during peak loads or when a maintenanceof a plant,” he said. He mentioned that the addition of the power comes from the relocation of the former Gilitimur gas power plant into Duri-Riau by 18 MW. This relocation has been implemented and electrical power has been entered into the system in July 2012. Later in October 2012 it is planned that 100 MW will enter that is from relocation of the former Sunyaragi power plant to Duri-Riau (18 MW), lease Arun power plant, Aceh (60 MW), 25 MW rental PLTMG Rawa Minyak Phase I Riau (10 MW) and Teluk Lembu PLTMG rent with a capacity of 12 MW.


Meanwhile, in December 2012, PLN Sumbagut plans additional power of 265 MW. The additional power is derived from the rental of the Rawa Minyak PLTMG 25 MW Phase 2, Riau (15 MW), procurement of PLTMG Duri (110 MW), 120 MW rental diesel MFO power plant of Belawan Phase I (40 MW) and the  operational of  Naganraya Unit 1 power plant, Aceh with a capacity of 100 MW.


In addition, continued Chris Leo, there will be additional power from existing plants revitalization. “However, the electrical system in Sumbagut can not be considered safe, given the state of considered safe if reserves of 30 percent or about 500 MW, while the Aceh-North Sumatra there is a new backup of 45 MW,” he said, adding power capacity Sumatra-Aceh of 1573 MW with peak load of 1528 MW.


On the occasion, Chris Leo also said, PLN through unit project continues to develop and utilize the procurement of power. This, he said, can not be separated by the number of plants owned by PLN has been  aged over 30 years.


“For Belawan for example, are aged over 30 years, the information we get from the project unit that there will be the construction of power plant in Belawan area. However, technically we did not know as  we were only given the task of operating the plant,” he added.


In response to this, Members of North Sumatera Regional Council Commission D, Zulkarnaen requested that PLN prioritize electricity compliance in North Sumatra. Because, the public and the industry continues to complain about the limited power supply in North Sumatra. “This should be a concern, given the economic growth can not be separated from the need for electricity,” he said.


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