Renewable Energy will Substitute Fossil Energy

DENPASAR – Indonesia has various energies, but the utilization of renewable energy (RE) is still low approximately 6% in national energy mix. Oil is dominating national energy mix for 49, 7%. Based on KEN (National Energy Policy) Planning, RE is targeted to reach 26% by 2025.

Minister of EMR, Jero Wacik in his keynote speech of Bali Province Head Meeting, Monday (3/9/2012) stated that consuming oil fuels as power plant fuel is more expensive than consuming RE so that gradually oil-fuelled power plants will be reduced. “Generating electricity using oil fuel needs US$ 40 cent per Kwh, so generating electricity using diesel oil costs US$ 40 cent per Kwh. By using coal needs approximately US$ 7 cent per Kwh and next will use RE,” he said.

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Posted September 14, 2012 by repit in News

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