PLN Saves Rp 200 Billion by Operating PLTM in Mamuju

JAKARTA. PT PLN (Persero) is trying to reduce the dependency of its oil fuels (BBM) power plants. One is by optimizing the Mini Hydro Power Plant (PLTM), which utilizes water as its primary resource. PLN is developing four unit of PLTM in total capacity of 8, 1 Megawatt (MW) in West Sulawesi Province, exactly in Mamuju District. These four PLTM are PLTM Balla (2×350 kilo Watt/kW) operated in 2011, PLTM Kalukku (2×700 kW) officially operated in mid April, PLTM Bone Hau (2 x 2000 kW) operating by the end of April, and PLTM Budong-budong (2 x 1000 kW) operating by next August 2012. The operation of these four PLTM in Mamuju has predicted to be able to reduce BBM consumption for 64 million liter per day or equivalent to 21 million liter per year. The saving potency achieved by PLN is about Rp 200 billion per year. The amount of the saving will absolutely give significant effect in the operation of more efficient electricity system in Mamuju areas, West Sulawesi.

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Posted April 26, 2012 by repit in News

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